HOOCH Age unknown as stray, random guess around the 3yr mark. An absolute stunner true to her breed, used as possible brood bitch and going by the pressure sores she came in with not in a good establishment. Her weight is back on her sores have healed though scarred andHOMEDshown dog aggression and is possesive over her family. So we would rather she went as an only pet, to an adult family, who use's their common sense. She has been returned - reluctantly - from 3 homes already so we have to get her next one right. She is the most loving dog.






SOL Dark brindle Staff dog, 9 years old, his owner and breeder died leaving him and 2 bitches. Not suitable to rehome with a male dog but a submissive bitch is a possability. People friendly seems to be OK with kids, though older kids are prefered. No cats. Very sweet dog just needs a good loving permanent home now to grow old disgracefully......he is a mischief. Staffy experience would be a bonus. Has been moved to another rescue but is still available.


BARNEY Ex pound dog aprox 4yrs. Has been with us a fair while now in various kennels. Does not do well in this environment and is losing weight. He is showing aggression to the other male Rotties so will need careful handling. Can either like or dislike you, needs a confident dominant owner or else he feels insecure and shows it in the only way he knows possible - by growling. Can not be rehomed with children as we dont know his history. Once again only experienced owners and Rottie knowledge.


TEGAN  Sols mum brindle bitch, 13 years, very well mannered. Seems to have a bit of arthritis in a front leg, but other than that seems fine. Very affectionate, needs a lap to curl up on and see out her last years. Would suit an older couple as she doesnt need lots of exercise or noise, just a warm fire and her own duvet. Has been moved on to another rescue but is still available.



BEN 6 year old Rottie who was handed in due to an illness in the family making it impossible to keep him. A much loved boy who is very confused at being left. He is fine with people and older children but hates anything else on 4 legs. He is quite a sedate boy liking nothing better than to just laze out in the sun. He desperately needs a nice warm fire to snuggle up to. There must be a loving family  for him out there that just wants a dog to vegitate beside their fire and plod round the garden.